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General Insurance

Interested in protecting your vehicle, fleet, property or your business?

For this purpose, we have the protection advice of our business

partner Oceánica de Segurosa leading company in the field of General Insurance.


Vehicle Insurance

  • Agreed value as the only form of insurance.

  • A single deductible per event.

  • In addition to being an insurance policy, it has benefits and assistance.

  • We have the first service center of an insurance company in Costa Rica, which significantly reduces waiting times.


Property Insurance

  • We protect your dreams and those of your family.

  • In addition to protecting your property and household goods against fire risks, among other covered risks, we offer you the possibility of contracting other additional coverages.

  • It has benefits and assistance both attached and optional.


Surety Insurance

  • It is an insurance that functions as a contractual performance bond.

  • If the policyholder defaults on its obligations, the insurer will pay the debt contracted by the insured.

  • The guarantee may be represented by money and/or financial instruments and/or other assets.


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